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Menstruation is a completely natural process.

  • it means you are fertile, whether you want to have biological children some time in the future or not
  • writing down the first day of your period every time you get it will help you find out whether you are starting to get a regular cycle or not
  • knowing your cycle helps in two ways: for now, you can figure out when your next period is coming; for later, if you end up having sex with guys, it will mean knowing your most fertile time and taking it into consideration
  • your cycle of mucus changes through the month
  • your vagina cleans itself; you don't need to do more than wash your vulva (outside) with mild soap
  • there are several ways to deal with cramps, like hot water bottles, warm baths, and light exercise. Going on the pill at a very young age is not one of them
  • PMS doesn't happen to everyone; and there are several ways to deal with this. Check out this link:
  • For more information talk to your doctor or school nurse! We here at Camp Cranky like these links A LOT.

    This one is aalllll about your period. Woo hoo.

    This one is great if you've got questions!! It can help answer anything from "How do I know if I'm pregnant" to "How do I put on a condom??" It also has fun games and quizes all about sex!

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