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What does "Sponsor a period" mean?

"Sponsor a period" means that for 25$ your family can donate a cool period pack to a girl who doesn't have the cash to buy her own pads. Inside the period pack (also called a HURU kit) are some re-usable pads (so you don't have to keep buying new ones), soap, and a couple of pairs of clean underwear. Crankytown has linked to an awesome organization called HURU International who have been providing HURU kits to girls in need in Nairobi since 2008.

Why would someone need to have their period sponsored?

Great question! In some parts of the world, parents don't have enough money to buy their daughters sanitary products (like pads or tampons).

Why wouldn't a family have enough money to buy something as simple as pads or tampons?

Wow! That is a BIG question - but a good one! Unfortunately there are a LOT of reasons. Click here to see a great video on the HURU site that explains the situation.

The bottom line is that some families must choose between buying food or sanitary products. As you can imagine, most families choose food!

So, what happens if you don't have a pad or tampon to use while you are on your period?

You can probably guess! You bleed anyway but there is nothing to absorb it, or you use whatever you can find (like old mattress stuffing) which can lead to messy / embarrassing situations. (And, it's not too comfortable either).

So imagine you were at school and your period blood leaked through your underwear onto your pants! Uh oh! So, girls who don't have enough money for pads often don't go to school during their period.

Wait. WHAT??!! Seriously. That means for 3 - 7 days each month (depending on how long your period lasts) you are missing school! Can you imagine how much that would affect your grades?

The girls at Camp Cranky think that is so NOT FAIR! All girls everywhere should get a chance to go to school and lead a normal life when they have their period. That is why HURU is soooo great!

Please visit to learn more. Ask your mom or dad to help you donate a HURU Kit today!!


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