Month: September 2021

Ready For A Smile Makeover? 4 Reasons To Opt For A Smile Corrective Treatment

A smile makeover can be life-changing for those suffering from broken or missing teeth for a long time. Thanks to corrective dental procedures, years of dodged selfies and pursed-lip smiles are a thing of the past. However, if you still have questions about factors affecting your perfect smile, we have the answers.

Ready for a smile makeover? We have listed down a few vital information about dental anomalies that might be ruining your perfect smile. We will discuss four of the most common reasons to consider a smile correction.

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4 Common Conditions That Call For A Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a set of cosmetic dental procedures used to improve or enhance the smile. The most commonly corrected cosmetic problems are tooth color, shape, length, width, gum tissue, lips issues, and improper tooth alignment. Not only do these problems impact the appearance of a patient’s smile, but they also interfere with the overall dental well-being. Here are some reasons why you ought to consider a smile makeover.

Tooth discoloration

A pearly white smile can brighten anyone’s day! Bright white smiles are without question the most important criteria for a good smile. They also add to your youthful appearance. If you have stained or discolored teeth, then teeth whitening might be the perfect solution for you.

Teeth whitening is an effective way of brightening the color of your teeth without any surface removal involved. Teeth shades are usually chosen based on your skin tone, hair color, and facial features. Laser teeth whitening is the most commonly performed white teething procedure today.

Teeth shape

The teeth shape or the teeth proportions(including their length and width) are vital in making your smile perfect. For instance, long teeth can make you look younger, and dentists use dental laminates or composite bonding to lengthen the shi=orter teeth. Dental laminates, also known as dental veneers, are custom designed that sit perfectly well in your front teeth. Dental veneers are usually fabricated laminates or shells that bond to the teeth’ surface.

Teeth alignment

The overlapping, crooked, and gapped teeth can be a real hindrance to happy smiles. A straightening treatment or Invisalign can straighten your teeth or align them in different ways.

Teeth balance and harmony

Using dental composites, it is now possible to repair damaged, crooked and uneven teeth. A composite dental restoration commonly combines different treatment methods such as dental veneers, bridges, implants, and crowns. The treatment is effective in treating missing, attrited, or broken teeth. It is also known as full mouth rehabilitation. Laser dentistry is also part of the dental composites that are primarily used to conceal overly visible gums.

While it is commonly believed smile makeovers are primarily done for cosmetic reasons, studies have shown they are also vital for the overall health of your teeth. Your dentist may assess your overall dental health and create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Fortunately, several advancements in cosmetic dentistry have made treatments affordable and accessible to the general public.